Sunday, 1 April 2012

The Lieder of Franz Liszt

Some weeks ago I ordered a CD of Liszt Lieder, sung by Diana Damrau accompanied by Helmut Deutsch. The disc lay beside my CD player for some time – too many other things to hear and somehow Liszt was always put back. A shame, it transpires. The songs are lovely. Diana Damrau is one of my favourite singers; intelligent, and with a beautiful voice and diction. And Liszt's piano “accompaniment”, as one might suspect, is quite as interesting as the songs. Nineteen highly enjoyable Lieder, a little to my surprise (I have always been ambivalent about Liszt's music). The CD goes in the "keep by the player" rack.

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tony said...

I'll give it a try. I'm always surprised by Liszt's music. Mitsuko Shirai and Hartmut Holl are also splendid in this music.